Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Noobie Foodie│Petaling Street

Hello Friends! 
It's definitely been a while since I last wrote a blog post! OHH I miss this so so much! But I was on mid semester break and away at MELBOURNE! AMAZING WEEK OFF! Now back to reality! I recently visited Petaling Street (after watching the AMAZING Lion King musical) so I decided to wrote my long over due long post about them! YAY! 
Last time I went it was with my adorable wifey and it was ages ago but regardless ON TO THE FOOD! 
Chicken Curry Laksa

Chicken Curry Laksa 
Petaling street in one of my personal favourite restaurants and EVERY TIME I go I get the Chicken Curry Laksa ($10.80)! Yes, I'm boring..but it's just sooo good! It never disappoints me whether it'd be the portion (which is pretty big), the amount of meat, the flavour of the soup it's always sooo good! But of course after this post I shall definitely try the other things on the menu now! Just a side note there are mussels in this laksa! YUM!
Claypot Noodles 

Aerial view! 
The wifey ordered the Petaling Claypot Short Rice noodles ($11.30 which I've also tried) and it's delicious as well! Flavoursome mince with the interesting smooth texture of the noodles!! Definitely another dish I would recommend! 
Cheong Fun!! 
AND we are greedy kids so we also got the Chee Cheong Fun ($7.80) on top of all that food! It was a new addition to the menu and I love it!!! I want to gett this again! The sesame seeds with the sweet sauce OHH I love that sweet sauce! Plus the chilli sauce as well! AMAZING ♥
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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Snack Attack ⁄⁄ Cupcakes On Pitt

Hi Friends! :) 
Recently I've been a few 21st here and there (so I wrote some tips which you can read here) and at one special lady's birthday we had some really delicious and adorable cupcakes! So here's a special blog post to thank Wendy ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY *again*!! 
Strawberry and Choco cupcake 
Anyways on to the cupcakes! The one above is the Strawberry and Choco which is the one I ate! It's a basically Chocolate cupcakes with a hint of Strawberry filled with fresh strawberries and Strawberry butter cream! Yumminess to the maximum!  The cream was really fresh and SO SWEET! Definitely fulfilled my sugar requirement for the day!
The second type of cupcakes is the Honeycomb cupcake! Rich chocolate cupcakes with honey icing and garnished with a shard of chocolate honeycomb! The honey icing looks amazing! 
Vanilla Sundae cupcake?! 
This is the prettiest cupcake ever! It's called a Vanilla Sundae! Basically Vanilla cupcakes with a Vanilla & Strawberry icing and garnished with 100,000 sprinkles, marachino cherry and cookie stick! So much creativity in a cupcake! Diabetes overload just looking at it! 
Cookies and Cream! 
OREOS! This is the Cookies and Cream cupcake! Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing and garnished with a dusting of chocolate and an Oreo! Btw is it normal to finish an entire packet of oreos in one sitting? Cause I did that...on Monday! *guilty look* 
Red Velvet with hearts! 
Sooo cute! These are the red velvet cupcakes! Too cute to eat! Too be honest red velvet isn't my favourite flavour of's quite far from it actually! I prefer chocolate! 

Passionfruit cupcakes! The star is soo cute! Vanilla cupcakes with fresh passion icing and garnished with an edible purple/blue star! 
Meringue cupcake? 
Last but not least this was the Lemon Meringue cupcake! Who knew these existed!  Vanilla cupcakes with fresh lemon curd inside and garnished with a soft torched Italian meringue! Love the texture of the meringue with the cupcake instead of the typical sweet creamy texture! 
Definitely enjoyed the cupcakes so much! They were a really good snack size and I'm so keen to visit the store now! 
♥ Lingfish 
P.S this proves I can take photos while tipsy HAAHAHHA
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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Noobie Foodie│Ramen Ikkyu

Ramen is one of my serious favourite foods! And it's one of the main reasons why I miss Japan so so so much!! So recently I decided to (finally) try Ramen Ikkyu in Sussex food court. Needless to say I was really excited to try it! And it definitely didn't disappoint me at all! 
Here comes the fooddddd 
Ikkyu Miso Ramen
I ordered the Ikkyu Miso Ramen ($11.50) because I like a lighter soup plus a bit more vegetables in my ramen. IT WAS AWESOME! The meat was so flavoursome, soft and tender! The highlight for me was the egg - it was literally onsen tamogo perfection! Deliciously runny egg york combined with the light miso soup AHHH HEAVENLY RAMEN! 
EGG PORN - my favourite type of porn! 
I love the egg!! Seriously I want to learn how to make such amazing eggs! 
Tokyo Soy Ramen! 
My friend who was trying ramen for THE FIRST TIME EVER ordered the Tokyo Soy Ramen ($11.5) which had char siu pork with 1 WHOLE EGG! (I'm so jealous because she got more egg action than I did...clearly need to order this next time) and nori seaweed on the side! She loved this ramen! YESH successfully converted! YAY! 
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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Noobie Foodie│Chur Burger


Recently I've been craving sweet potato chips so so so badly and after much discussion my friends and I decided to head to Chur Burger - the hottest place in Sydney at the moment for some delicious food! We headed to the one in Surry Hills and here my review of this wonderful place!

So first the food!
soo juicy and sooo good! 
I ordered the Pulled Pork Burger with BBQ sauce, red slaw and fennel mayo! It was amazinggggggg! I really loved this burger! The pork was cooked til it was so soft I barely had to chew plus the buns were also super soft!! The sauce was really full of flavour and basically this burger was PERFECTION!
craving satisfied aww yeah! 
AND THIS Sweet Potato Fries was the BOMB! Words cannot describe how satisfying it is to eat something you've been craving for AGES! I wish I had more room in my stomach (or a faster metabolism)!

This was the marinated grilled Chicken with hot sauce may and minted slaw! Looks amazing as well! I didn't get to taste this one because I was too obsessed with my own burger! HAHA

This was the crumbed fish fillet with pickled cucumber, lemon mayo and dill! Also on my MUST TRY next time list! I just want to try all the burgers - after all they're only $10!

Some chilli chips on the side as well! Delicious chippy goodness!!

Special mention and thanks to my friend Tom for getting us this interesting drink to try! It tastes like lemonade but a bit different..very interesting!
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Saturday, 5 April 2014

10 tips for surviving your 21st birthday party season!

21st birthdays are a BIG DEAL! Most people throw a massive party and because all your friends are born in the same year suddenly there's this influx of 21st parties! Don't worry I got your back with some top tips to have have the best 21st season!
French strawberry shortcake! Made by Yui especially for Paco!! 

  1. Attend – seriously 21st birthday parties are difficult to organise! They take SO much time and effort to put together so if your friend is inviting you to it – GO AND CLICKK FREAKING ATTENDING! Then attend!

2. Drink – if there’s a bar tab – drink, if there’s no bar tab – drink, if you’re driving – DON’T DRINK! Have a shot with the birthday girl/boy! DO IT!
Tequila and Jam donut shots :)  

3. Dress up – there is no better excuse to dress up than a 21st! This is the probably the only time in your life where you can wear really extravagant, inappropriate and beautiful things! SO DO IT! If there’s a theme adhere to it it’ll make an amazing point of conversation as well.
Picture from recent birthday party! WHEE 

4. Socialise – if you’re going to be at a 21st there really is no excuse not to socialise! Just go up and say hi to people! Easiest conversation starter - how do you know the birthday boy/girl? AND BAM FRIENDSHIP!
5. Eat cake – it takes a lot of effort to get a 21st cake and most people either pay A LOT of money for cake or has amazing friends who can bake them their cake of their dreams so after all that EFFORT just remember to eat the damn cake! Unless you’re planning to throw up then don’t worry about it!
Cake porn from another recent 21st! Happy birthday Ben! :) 
Cupcakes from Wendy's birthday full review will be up later! nomnom

6. Speeches – this is for those listening to the speech. TRY to listen and laugh but if you can even see straight then sit down and try not to knock anything over! For Speech makers – short, sweet and full of impact is usually the best 21st speeches! Of course it varies depending on the person and the type of birthday. Make the birthday boy/girl feels special, loved and embarrass them too!
7. Presents – get something memorable! Easy present ideas: alcohol (all forms), jewellery (girls), technology (boys)! Whatever you want to get just be generous!
8. Friends – if you’re going with friends and they drink a bit TOO much (it will happen and one day it’ll be you) then LOOK AFTER THEM. Don’t be a dog. Seriously you do not want to YOLO and let them do their own thing!!
9. Photos – selfies, groupies, whatever you want just TAKE PHOTOS. It’ll increase the chances of you remembering whose birthday it was and what happened at that party. Especially if you’re attending more than 2 a week!! My biggest regret was not taking enough photos at birthdays!!
Bestie Karen's 21st flashback! 

10. PARTY HARD – 21st parties are the time to have fun, let loose and just do some stupid thing!  They make really good story telling material for years after!
Back in my hectic 21st birthday season! 

♥ Lingfish
This post happened because I've been to a couple of 21st recently and it reminded me of my crazy fun filled 21st season! I miss it soooooo much!!!!!!!! 21st BIRTHDAYS ARE THE BEST! P.S thankyou to every person who ever invited me to their 21st!!  
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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Noobie Foodie│Beijing Alley

This restaurant is located in one of the most populated and high traffic areas in Sydney City which means I walk past it EVERY SINGLE DAY! So it was obviously on my bucket list of places I needed to try! And finally I got the opportunity to!! 
And for those that don't know I am Chinese so I had pretty high expectations of this place as it would be a more home style food that I'm familiar with! Even though it didn't quite meet my expectations for an afford, quick and filling meal it's definitely worth a try!! (I'm planning on going again) 

Here's some delicious breakfast food they offer! 油条 ( Chinese Donuts) is one of my favorite breakfast food and they offer them there! But I was there for dinner so I'll have to wait for another time to give it a go. LOOKING FORWARD TO 油条! 
So my friend and I ordered two different types of sets - A Beijing Zha Jiang Noodle Meal ($15.80) and Prawn & Pork Wonton meal ($12.80). Each meal comes two cold dishes and 2 drinks along with the main dish! YAY EXTRA VALUE!! I got the plum juice and my friend Kat ordered the Orange juice! 

This was the 北京炸酱面 - Beijing Zha Jiang noodles which is noodles that are covered with minced pork salted fermented beans sauce. After you mixed with the sauce the noodles end up looking like..

Zha jiang noodle is one of my favourite dishes in any Asian meal (it's also in Korean cuisines) because the sauce is warm but the noodles are cold so it's a really easy to eat meal. This particular dish from Beijing Alley was really simple even though it wasn't anything mind blowingly brilliant it was very homely and I enjoyed it! It's definitely on my list of things to cook now! 

The wonton dish was a lot more disappointing mainly because there just wasn't a lot in it! I'm used to eating wontons with a lot more fillings and the soup was too oily for my particular taste! (you can see it on the surface!) Again wasn't the best wontons I've ever had. I would recommend trying a different meal! 

The cold dish that was the starter was ironically my favourite part of the meal!! 凉拌猪耳丝 - Spiced Pig Ear is one of those dishes that I love! And it was delicious! I really love the texture and the tongue numbing spiciness of the this dish! YUM! 
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