Personal Challenge ♥

For 2014 :)  ♥
My personal challenge is to blog consistently – 1 post every 3 days (so AT LEAST 2 posts per week) for the rest of the year until the end of December 2014 and from then on I can reflect and decide what I want to do with my blog (whatever it becomes however it changes). It’s definitely not an easy challenge because to be honest when I re-started blogging serious I forgot how difficult it actually is to be consistently blogging – somehow in my mind I thought it was really easy and I just enjoyed it but the truth is when I blogged for Rarefish it was just so natural and I guess it’s hard to expect myself to go back to my 17 year old self? But I want the dedication I had plus the passion! :)
To motivate myself I decided on a  reward (monetary) for December next year so I’m going to get myself a ring (because it’s my favourite accessory hehe) and here are the designs I’m interested in! Obviously new designs etc. will come out towards next year so I’ll re-choose and investigate! But this page is just to pick me up when things get difficult!

The Tiffany Infinity Ring 
Because Pink is cute and hot at the same time! 

Twist Bow! 
Love the aqua! 

These are the ones from Tiffany that are within my budget..if I had money though..
How gorgeous is this? 

This would be what I actually want but obviously it’s a bit out of my budget at this point in time (especially since fasion/beauty blogging actually costs some money!) But maybe one day..

These are the rings from Pandora, with the Pandora range I would buy more than one because their rings look better layered! And the two toned with the rose is so far my favourite and definitely motivating for my blogging! :)
<3 Lingfish~


  1. Omgsh!! I love the snowflake one and the rope bow one!! So cute!!! GANBATTE!!!!

    -Miss Sennnaa

    1. THE SNOWFLAKE is the BEST ♥
      I want ittttt~ ARIGATOU ♥♥

      MWA :D

  2. I`m going with the snowflake one too :X:) I hope you`ll buy this one eventually :) Good luck in succeeding with your chalenge!
    I like your blog, so Congratulations! I am nominating your blog for a Liebster Award! Check out my blog for more details
    Hugs, Cris

    1. OMG the snowflake is absolutely gorgeous <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH CRISTINA! :D
      I shall be checking out your blog! And thank you for making my day!

      <3 Ling!!

  3. Those rings look stunning. Good luck with your challenge, I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D this comments means a lot to me!