Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Food Bucket List - Sydney Edition

Because I have a memory of a gold fish literally and I keep forgetting about places that I want to eat at I decided to do an entire blog post about them (and there is soo many)! If anyone has any other recommendations PLEASE let me know! I shall add them to the list!
When I get to visit these places I shall cross them off :)

1. Cafe Style/Lunch: 

2. Restaurants:

3. Desserts: 

All the places in this list I want to try as well:
If only I had a faster metabolism...

It'd be like this nomnom-ing every day!
♥ Lingfish

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Café Explorer│Brewtown Newtown

Everyday my addiction to coffees grows!! But that’s ok because it means I get to explore more cafés around Sydney to find my favourite Mocha!
This time my friend and I decided to venture to Brewtown Newtown (gotta say I love the place just for its name) for a very long overdue catch up! Here is my little review of this wonderful café!

Food First:

Because I arrived really early I had my coffee first and I also had time to really taste the mocha there – it was delicious! This café really knows how to get coffee right – thank you for doing the name justice ♥
Also the coffee was served with soda water on the side which was something I wasn’t used to at cafés but it was a welcomed changed as I really enjoyed it!
My friend order the Chai which was actually served in a pretty tea set complete with honey on the side! Unfortunately I was so distracted with the conversation I forgot to take a photo of the milky cream colour of the chai as it poured out but I can say it was mouth-watering!

After settling in we order some lunch and by this time I was feeling something filling but different to the typical dishes I get so I decided on the Duck Ravioli with porcini and wild mushroom.  Porcini is a type of fungus used a lot more in European cooking but as an Asian girl I’ve always loved things like fungus but it’s largely dependent on the way it’s cooked! I think this Brewtown did this sooo well!
In terms of portion I wasn’t used to their only being two pieces of ravioli but it was two VERY large pieces of ravioli with some hearty soup that really warmed me up on that rainy day! The ravioli was so full of flavour of delicious I again forgot to take a photo of the insides because it got inside my stomache… my photos don’t show my love for this meal!! <3 p="">

My friend also ordered something very hearty – the meat ball sandwich with tomato, basil sauce and mozzarella baguette. I was enjoying my meal wayyyyyy too much so I actually didn’t get to try hers but she said it was delicious and extremely filling! Don’t worry it gives me an excuse to visit Brewtown again (not that I need one anyway). Read more for the full review and more pictures :) 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Café Explorer│ Coffee Traders at Ryde

This particular place I’ve been wanting to try for a long time because it’s right next to my bus stop so I pass it literally EVERYDAY! And finally I had the chance to try the food and coffee there!! (About time) Here’s my little blog post about this local café.
Exactly where we were sitting! 

Definitely a lively café that is spacious very stylishly designed with really interesting design touches like the chalk board and the vespa! Not every day you see a packed motorbike in a café!
As per usual we ordered two large Mochas and the coffee there was definitely something else! Sweet but not too sweet where I can taste the chocolate syrup and it was definitely effective to waken my senses. Coffee cravings as I write this..
And here comes the food!

Karen ordered the egg chicken chorizo and bacon on sour dough bread! And it was amazing! It was actually my first time trying chicken chorizos and it was so full of flavour! Because it was my first time eating it I’m not sure how to describe the flavour but it was something similar to Chinese preserved sausages with its oily but mouth watering taste. The bacon was fried to a crisp it literally broke apart as you tried to cut into it! That’s one of the best textures of bacon I’ve ever tasted!!! One day I shall learn to cook bacon like that! The sour dough was fresh and generously buttered it left this amazing crunch on the crust but soft and tender in the centre!
My dish was the scrambled egg with ham and chicken with rocket and sour dough bread. I choose it because scrambled eggs are one of my favourite foods! It definitely met my egg cravings as the egg was really fluffy and delicious without too much cream or milk unlike year 7 camp style scrambled eggs (that was traumatising for me because I hated that milky eggy taste). The rest of my dish was nothing incredibly special but again the sour dough bread was so satisfying and filling. In comparison my food wasn’t as flavoursome (the chicken chorizos really packed a punch) but I prefer the milder flavours and softer textures.
Both food portions are huge! This is why I never lose weight isn’t? Anyway click read more for the review and more food porn:

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Happy Snaps - January Update!

Time really flies! Already the first month of the year is over - WHUT? HOW? WHERE DID THE TIME GO? That's my response to it! And another part of me is so insanely scared about uni starting again soon. One more month of holiday left! I need to make the best of it! My only regret is that I'm not travelling this year but I shall enjoy the Sydney summer the best that I can!
Here are ten  of my favourite happy snaps from this month! Not all of them are taken by me!
This photo was taken at ARCHITECTS OF AIR - EXXOPOLIS which was a special inflatable structure filled with different colours, lights and really relaxing ambience music! It's really different and an interesting experience! I would recommend it to anyone wants to try something new! It's very chill and a nice place to just relax with friends! Even though it's great I went to a similar architecture 2 years ago - TWICE so it wasn't all too exciting for me!
Maroubra Beach! One of the only reasons why I love Sydney summers is because of the amazing beaches! They are all so picturesque and beauuuutiful! Plus really nice to swim, surf and just play in! ♥ Beaches!
Ling Ling ♡  
This was a belated birthday present from a high school friend and it made me super super happy to receive it that's why it's on my happy snaps! And yes she calls me Ling Ling! It was book called the Babe Bible and so far it's prove to be a very insightful read~
delicious cakes :D 
What is a holiday without cake? And there was much cake in my holiday (no wonder I gained 3kgs in one month!!). These cakes were delicious though so maybe it was worth it? Tiramisu, passion fruit cheesecake and sponge cream cake with strawberry! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

Blue butterfly earrings! I love these earrings! They're so prettyyy!!
Ok I'll stop spazzing over them. But it was definitely a nice little reward after working so much during the Christmas holidays to actually have time and shop for myself. Adding them to my butterfly earring collection!
while waiting for food~ 
Taken by my friend Karen while we lunching at Macquarie :) Such fun times spent shopping, eating and chilling!
nomnom dumplings 
Chinese New Year just passed a couple of days ago and I spent the entire day making dumplings with my mum then pigging out on them! So many dumplings but they were the best ♥ The feeling of making dumplings with my mum is something I cherish as well cause as I get older the opportunities for such loving moments with her will definitely decrease so I'm grateful that it happened!
Part of the CNY family dinner with my mum and step dad! This was one of the mains (there were three different types of mains) and it was a marinated pork knuckle roast? My mum adds a chinese twist to every western dish she makes so I actually have no clue what it is! All I know is it tasted really good~
SO PRETTY <3 td="">
This was from a wild random walk in my neighbourhood even though I had no idea that this park even existed because I've never been to that part of my suburb but I love the way the lights look in this photo! Another thing to love my Sydney's summer!

My last happy snap and it's also the obligatory end post selfie! :) hehe enjoy summer everyone!


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