Sunday, 14 September 2014

Café Explorer│FourAteFive

Hi foodie friends! 
It's been a looonnng time since my last post (mostly due to uni stresses) but nothing's better than some good food to remind me of the good things in life! Eggs has been my favourite breakfast food for as long as I can remember and FourAteFive really impressed me with their eggs! Situated in the heart of brunch paradise (Surry Hills) it's one of the most relaxed and I had a really great experience there! 

As always food first! 
Smoked Salmon Stack!

So my friend and I visited on a quite sunny Friday morning for some brunch and I ordered the Smoked Salmon Stack ($18) which had salmon, avocado and ricotta on sourdough topped w/ poached eggs & parsley. A wonderful combination of all the foods that make me happy! The combination of salmon and avocado is always a winner and of course the egg was poached to perfection! 
Baked Eggs

This was the Moroccan style Baked Eggs ($17) with almonds, organic fetta & sourdough toast! A wonderful combination of spices with baked eggs (oh eggs you are so versatile!). I really enjoyed the strong punch and difference in flavour but the tomato taste can be a little overwhelming. Luckily the sourdough toast balanced out the flavours. 

As always I got myself a Mocha ($4) and my friend got Short Black ($3). The coffee was great, very smooth taste and I only wish I got a large size. 
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